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    1. 董事長致辭Chairman's speech| 福街介紹Introduction to Fu Street| 標志釋義Logo Interpretation| 企業文化corporate culture| 項目簡介Project introduction| 企業榮譽| 福街大事記|
      董事長致辭Chairman's speech Address by the Chairman







      Dear friends from all walks of life and consumers

      Welcome to visit the website of Fujie Plaza Business Management Co., Ltd. to enter "Fu Street" with you, to understand "Fu Street", and to share the joy of enterprise success and development.
      Since the establishment of the company, we have always complied with the development requirements of the times, maintained a positive and enterprising attitude, adhered to the road of diversified, professional and brand development. With the strong support and help of friends from all walks of life, relying on the unique geographical and environmental advantages, we have extended the industrial chain with the development of high-quality residential and commercial real estate as the traction, and committed to creating a "hundred years of Fu Street" to continue The commercial complex brand, which is widely spread, provides customers and consumers with high-quality products and services. While boosting the regional economic development and upgrading the quality of life of customers and consumers, the enterprise continues to develop and grow, achieving good economic and social benefits.
      The company does its best to fulfill its social responsibility, sincerely give back to the society, implement the "Shilin real estate targeted poverty alleviation project", promote the construction of "industry + poverty alleviation" platform, and build the first "targeted poverty alleviation characteristic town" in China. We not only carry the trust and high expectations of the National Poverty Alleviation Office, provincial and municipal governments, customers and consumers, but also place our trust in the national poverty-stricken areas The hope and expectation of poor children and farmers in the county. On August 18, 2018, Fujie Commercial Plaza opened grandly, opening a new page in the development of "Fu Street"; from May 18 to 27, 2019, it successfully held the "2019 (Panjin) agricultural products docking meeting in poverty-stricken areas", which is of great significance for the development of "Centennial Fu Street", and will promote the win-win situation of enterprises, governments, project counties, customers and consumers.
      "The mission lies on our shoulders, and we will always follow the goal of" bigger, stronger and longer ", vigorously carry forward the enterprise spirit of" diligence, honesty, hard work and high efficiency ", constantly examine our own status, understand the future development of the industry, think about the source of water, thank customers, and report back to the society.
      Today, we are destined to meet and meet "Centennial Fortune Street". We hope to know each other and stay together forever as friends. We hope that through the opening of the company's website, we can draw closer the distance between friends from all walks of life at home and abroad and the vast number of consumers, so that the world can understand "Centennial Fu Street" and let "Century Fortune Street" go to the world. We sincerely hope to cooperate with all walks of life, and welcome people of insight to join our team. With our original intention, ingenuity and never-ending enterprising spirit, we will witness the development journey of "Centennial Fu Street" based on Panjin, facing the whole country and going to the world, and jointly create a more beautiful and brilliant tomorrow of "Centennial Fu Street"!

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